Piano Removal & Disposal Services

Piano removal of working and non working pianos

   Do you need a piano hauled away and disposed of? We offer same day hauling. 

We offer a piano junk hauling service that includes picking up your piano and taking it to the landfill. We can pick up your piano no matter the condition. 

Sometimes pianos are stored for a long time in humid weather, or left outside longer than planned. There are times when pianos come with the new place that you've just moved into.

If your piano is in fine working condition and you would like to donate it instead of having it disposed of, please visit our piano donation page.

This piano is on fire. Next stop, the landfill.

Piano Removal and Disposal vehicle. Luna's Piano Moving
Before and After Piano Disposal. Luna's Piano Movers

   Reasons that you might want to rid of your piano:

(We've heard each of the listed reasons)

-It's ugly

-It doesn't match my other items

-I am replacing it

-It's too our of tune

-It's "Haunted" (yes we've head this one)

-I want to make space

Whatever reason, we are only a phone call away!.

Before and after piano removal. Luna's Piano Movers
Piano Disposal and Piano Removal. Luna's Piano Moving and Storage
Piano Removal and disposal. Luna's Piano Moving and Storage
Piano Disposal. Junk piano removal. Luna's Piano Movers

   If you need it removed same day, just give us a call and we will pick up and dispose of your piano. 

NOTE: If you are donating your piano to say Goodwill, Salvation army etc. Make sure that they have viewed your piano. If we pick up and take it to the donation center, there is a chance that they will not accept the piano. We will end up charging an additional fee if we are forced to dispose of it.

Junk piano removal and disposal. Luan's Piano Movers
Junk piano removal and disposal. Luan's Piano Movers
Piano Removal and disposal at the landfill
Luna's Piano Moving - Piano removal and disposal